Tobacco, drug, alcohol free environment

To provide clear guidelines to the Educators and other stake holders to ensure the environment is free from the use of tobacco, illicit drugs and alcohol for ensuring health and safety for the children being educated and cared for

These guidelines will apply to the Approved provider, nominated supervisor, Certified supervisor, educators, staff, students on placement, volunteers, parents, children and others attending the service.

To develop strategies to ensure that the educators’ home is a safe place for children, while recognising the rights of the educator’s family.
To suggest anyone who intends to smoke, must go outside the premises, where it does not affect the children’s health and wellbeing
To ensure, if tobacco is smoked in the fdc residence when the service is not operating, consideration should be given to issues such as ventilation hygiene and safe storage of items including ashtrays and cigarette lighters.
The following must be complied with

  • The registered FDC home/venue is to be smoke free at all times during FDC hours of operation
  • All persons involved in FDC must not smoke during official FDC hours of operation. This includes all residents of the FDC home, visitors, students and volunteers.
  • All vehicles used in transporting FDC children will be smoke free
  • All children registered with FDC are to be actively removed from any environment where smoking is occurring



July 2018


July 2019


Policy created for First Idea Family Day Care Services, inclusive of changes to the National Quality Standards and Education and Care National Regulations

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