All staff and educators provide warm nurturing environments. Children have the opportunity to explore and have fun while stimulating their creative minds through our play-based program which is tailored to suit every child in our care; fostering all aspects of the child, family, cultural background and their community.

Every child has the right to be and feel safe all of the time. We collaboratively hold a zero tolerance for any form of child abuse, and strive to provide an environment where all children feel safe and secure while having fun; learning and developing at their own pace.

– Educational program & Practice

– Childrens Health & Safety

– Physical Environment

– Staffing Arrangements

– Relationship with Children

– Collaborative Partnerships with Families & Communities

– Governence & Leadership

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My kids and I have always felt home at First Idea. The team at First Idea have been so professional and understanding. I highly recommend their services to anyone who wants a safe…

Steven Zane

My kids always feel home at First Idea Family Day Care. Thanks to the team for not just doing their job, but adding a personal touch into their duties at work each day.

Rebecca Paul

The staff at First Idea family have been so helpful right from the time of admission till each day of nurturing my son to a better individual. I can’t stop thanking them for everything.

Daniel Johnson