About Us

First Idea Family Day Care Services is a quality provider, providing quality education and care for the local community. The service is operating under the National Quality Framework. We have a Management team, which consists of educators, parents, and members of the community and is responsible for strategic planning. The operational management is undertaken by the Director.

TELGAVATI SUBRAMANYAM is the Nominated Supervisor and is the contact for the Approved Provider – FIRST IDEA TRAINING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD, ATF GOUNDER FAMILY TRUST

Our Mission Statement

“We strive to enhance, lead, motivate the educators from bilingual communities to create an educational environment under the umbrella of National Quality Frameworks to provide quality education and care for children from a multicultural background and work collaboratively with families and community.”


At First Idea Family Day Care Services we believe that childhood is a unique and fantastic period of human development that is socially influenced. It’s a period where all the children are modeled to learn and explore from their surroundings. This leads children to develop multiple intelligences, transcultural understandings, individual personalities and a sense of justice and empathy for their peers and community.

We strive to enhance children’s self-esteem through regular interactions, developmentally appropriate experiences, relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We ensure the child has the rich and safe environment where the child gets all the possible and reasonable opportunity to explore, play and learn.

We agree with the belief that every child, family, and educator is unique; being shaped by many different social, cultural and religious experiences and so hold many different views, values, and interests. Particularly Educators, working collaboratively with families, play a vital role in children’s socialization, behavior management, problem solving, physical development. They maintain children’s distinctive ways of seeing and being in the world by both acknowledging and supporting children and families in their care, and encouraging children to try, explore, learn and connect with their communities. This way children develop great qualities and become responsible citizens of the society.

We recognize that staff and educators are our most valuable resources and ensure we provide them the greatest support and environment which is safe to work. We believe that with all the support we can satisfy our client’s interest at the maximum.

We aim to develop and implement environmentally sound practices those recognize our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment and to educate children to respect and care the world where they live

What is First Idea Family Day Care Services

  • Provides high-quality education and care programs using the Early Years Learning Framework and Framework for School-Aged Children.
  • Educators may have up to 4 children under school age and 3 school-aged children with a maximum of 7 children at any one time
  • ACECQA Approved Service and Member of Family Day Care Australia
  • Educators are insured and are operating under the National Quality Framework
  • Area Coordinators/ Certified Supervisors who support and monitor educators on a regular basis
  • Trained and Qualified Educators Certificate III in Children’s Services or higher
  • Educational programs are developed for all children as per their need for development and interest
  • Parenting Workshops to develop parenting skills

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