Nappy Changing

The environment is hygienic and prevents cross infection between FDC Educator and children and from one child to another

Educators are responsible for

  • Maintaining adequate supervision of children,
  • Ensure all required equipment is available and within reach prior to beginning the nappy change.
  • During the nappy change, a child should never be left alone on the change mat
  • Physical contact should be maintained with the child
  • Have a separate nappy changing are from other areas
  • Wearing personal protective equipment as required
  • Have nappy change mats with an impervious washable surface and provide safe storage of soiled nappies.

When changing nappies:

  • It is recommended that children’s nappies are changed on the floor on a change mat
  • Clean the child’s bottom
  • Remove the gloves by pealing them back from the wrists
  • Place soiled disposable nappies in sealed plastic bag which should be stored out of reach of children
  • Put the clean nappy on the child
  • Dress the child, wash the child’s hands, take child away from the change area

Cleaning after a nappy change

  • Clean and sanitise the mat with the appropriate cleaning product, such as warm soapy water using a paper towel to clean the mat.
  • Dispose the paper towel in the bin
  • After all these ensure to wash hands in the bath room/toilet sink



July 2018


July 2019


Policy created for First Idea Family Day Care Services, inclusive of changes to the National Quality Standards and Education and Care National Regulations

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