Educator’s family

To ensure that all interactions with and from the other people in the FDC Educator’s home are positive and respectful and that the correct ratio of FDC Educator to children is maintained.

These guidelines will apply to the Approved provider, nominated supervisor, educational leader, supervisors, educators, staff, students on placement, volunteers, parents/guardian, children and others attending the service.

Guidelines to be followed

  • The members of FDC educator’s family play an important role in the children’s experience at the family day care. So, it is important that all interactions, behaviour with the Family Day Care children and their families are positive and respectful.
  • Before the FDC educator starts working under FIRST IDEA FAMILY DAY CARE SERVICES, we would ensure that the nominated supervisor/supervisor meets the family members to discuss the implications of working in FDC, and the issues this may bring in, like working hours, space, responsibilities, privacy and resources for instance television, computer, personal toys and facilities such as bathrooms, toilets and bedrooms.
  • Family day care children must not be left unsupervised with the FDC Educator’s own family or visitors to the house
  • The FDC educator is responsible for changing nappies, dressing, bathing, toileting FDC children
  • Members of FDC Educator’s family over the age of 18 need to have a valid Working with Children Check, and this information is to be kept on the FDC Educator’s record. FIRST IDEA FAMILY DAY CARE SERVICES, may immediately terminate the agreement if there are any unsatisfactory issues with WWCC for the FDC Educator or a family member.
  • FDC Educator’s own children will always be counted in the numbers of allowable children until the age of 12 years or when they commence Secondary school, whichever occurs first.



July 2019


July 2020


Policy created for First Idea Family Day Care Services, inclusive of changes to the National Quality Standards and Education and Care National Regulations

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