Dental Hygiene

Eat well
Encourage and support the principles of healthy eating i.e fresh fruit and vegetables, for all children

Drink well

  • Water /plain milk will be encouraged as the main drinks and will be accessible at all times
  • Sweet drinks like cordial, soft drinks and flavoured mineral water are discouraged
  • Victorian Department of Human Services has clearly highlighted the importance of limiting sweet drinks for children.

Clean well

  • All children will be encouraged to brush their teeth after meals: it is recommended that children brush their teeth at least twice a day.
  • Never add sweet substances to dummies.

Play well
Encouraging regular active safe play under adult supervision

Stay Well
Providing information to parents and educators regarding the importance of regular dental check-ups

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My kids and I have always felt home at First Idea. The team at First Idea have been so professional and understanding. I highly recommend their services to anyone who wants a safe…

Steven Zane

My kids always feel home at First Idea Family Day Care. Thanks to the team for not just doing their job, but adding a personal touch into their duties at work each day.

Rebecca Paul

The staff at First Idea family have been so helpful right from the time of admission till each day of nurturing my son to a better individual. I can’t stop thanking them for everything.

Daniel Johnson