Family Day Care Dandenong – Child Care Centre

Child Care DandenongIf you are looking for a highly recognised child care facility in Dandenong, First Idea Family Day Care can be the perfect choice for you. With years of experience in the family day care industry, we strive to provide your child with a caring and safe environment. Our faculties and educators are trained to support early childhood education programs that will make a lasting impression on your child.  We focus on providing a motivating educational experience which will promote your child’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.

Safe & Clean Premises:

A clean, safe and well-equipped environment is essential to ensure the happiness and well-being of a child. Our premises are kept clean and bright and equipped with age-appropriate play equipment that will engage them for the whole day. We also have a large play area where your child can discover new adventures and have fun with other children. Our child care facility will provide your kid with a fantastic way to improve its confidence and physical development.

Quality & caring staff:

The importance of a quality, experienced, committed and caring staff cannot be overstated. Here at First Idea Family Day Care, our staff members are carefully chosen based on their experience and training in the field of child care and education. We subject them to a continuous program on child care for professional advancement and to remain up-to-date in the ever-changing needs of today’s children.

Early Education Centre:

If you have planned to enroll your child in a big school soon, it could be difficult to establish the routines. In our kid’s early education centre, our educators constantly work with your child to stimulate their areas of interest and bring out the best in them. We ensure that our kids’ early education program facilitates a smooth transition from pre-school to the next stage of their education.

So, if you would like to enroll your child in a reliable family day care centre in Dandenong, look no further than First Idea Family Day Care. For inquiries and details, feel free to call us at (03) 9793 9502 today.

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